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About Cano-ela

Cano-ela is a foodtech company that aims to remove refined ingredients from the food supply chain by processing oil-rich seeds in an innovative way. Oil-rich seeds contain all of the building blocks to create foods. However, conventional extraction processes only extract one of these components (vegetable oil) from these seeds. This results in big streams with poor functionality. Our newly developed process allows us to extract functional fractions out of seeds that would enable food companies to create the next generation of plant-based foods, which are more natural and more sustainable.

The sustainable clean label

Our process aims for zero waste, this means that everything that is harvested will be used for food purposes. Moreover, our process focuses on the extraction of natural seed structures with high techno- and bio-functionality. Companies using our ingredients can give their products a shorter, simpler, and more plant-based ingredient list, which contains locally grown ingredients that are expected and familiar to consumers instead of 'chemical sounding' artificial ingredients. Therefore, food companies using our ingredients have the unique opportunity to clean their label, while positively reducing their environmental impact.

Zero waste



Locally sourced


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