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Join us in our mission to remove refined ingredients from the food supply chain

Why Cano-ela? 

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The production of refined ingredients contributes up to 80% of the energy and waste used and produced during the production of food products.  



Highly refined products are missing many of the micronutrients and  fibers that were initially in the raw materials.  



The harsh conditions to refine ingredients damage the valuable components inside of seeds, making them less functional and less valuable.

However, refined ingredients are not necessary

Inside of canola seeds (and other oil-rich seeds), we can find all the components that we need to create any type of foods.


At Cano-ela, we have developed a process that will allow us to allocate the right amount of each of these components to its right application. Therefore, instead of extracting refined ingredients, we extract (semi-) final food products directly from seeds. 

Cano-ela's approach is at the heart of the SDG's


At Cano-ela we use the raw materials (oil-rich seed) according to the country of production; ensuring food security and sustainable agriculture. Moreover, our process is zero waste, which ensures everything that is harvested, is used for food purposes.  

The production process of Cano-ela aims circularity; our process aims to use 100% of the resources while helping final consumers to eat healthy and sustainable food products.

Health needs to be one of the priorities of food companies. Our approach will ensure that enough fibers and micronutrients naturally present inside of oil-rich seeds reach the final food products of our customers.

Our solution is innovative and it is possible thanks to years of scientific research;  We offer an innovative and sustainable solution to the current industrial approach. 

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